Building Demolition Services Wollongong

P & D Envirotech also hold a Demolition licence class DE2.

Ranges of service include:

  • Full demolition of buildings up to 15 metres to ground level.
  • Full interior strip outs for refurbishment- including removal and disposal of all contaminates, i.e. Asbestos, PCBs and lead paint.
  • Full range of equipment is available, including excavators, trucks, and compaction.
  • Complete range of waste recycling to ensure environmental compliance (green star).
  • Experience in all forms of demolition, from detailed manual demolition for heritage buildings to major site levelling and clear-out.
  • Detailed SWMS (safe work method statements) are created for each and every job, not just generic details.
  • Full traceability and accountability for equipment removal and disposal

Building Demolition

Following are requirements for the purpose of carrying demolition on sites

Demolition Licence

There are two types of demolition removal licences, DE1 and DE2. A DE2 licence is the minimum requirement for this scope of works

Permit or Notification from Work Cover

A permit application needs to be submitted to Work Cover prior to demolition being carried out above 6m for mechanical demolition and above 12m for hand demolition.

Demolition Training

Employees of the demolition company need to be properly trained in demolition procedures. As well as any specialised training in regards to equipment, machinery and environmental compliance.

Work Cover approved supervisor

It is compulsory to have a Work Cover approved person supervising the demolition and any associates works.

Council compliance letter on completion

This will sometimes be required by your local council to prove that the demolition has been carried out in accordance with the current local guidelines/standards.

Disposal dockets for waste traceability

The waste generator is responsible for the waste, not the removalist, so it is important to have waste traceability for your records.

Interior Strip Out for Refurbishment

P & D Envirotech specialise in commercial strip outs of any size and scope. We understand that time is money and as a result, we provide a very fast and efficient service. With many years of experience, combined with all the specialised equipment needed. P & D Envirotech have a reputation for being the efficient and clean, often completing a full strip out within time frame and budget.


Our specialisations are not the only services we provide, we are a business of diversity and have the expertise to tackle most demolition challenges

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