Asbestos Removal Kits

These kits have been designed to remove up to 10 sqm of asbestos. Removal of more than 10sqm of asbestos is recommended to be done by a licensed professional. Each kit contains enough PPE for 1 person. Additional PPE and Materials can be purchased with the Kit.

Asbestos can be disposed of at our Waste Transfer Station in Albion Park Rail. We also offer a pickup service. You will need to make an appointment to drop of your waste between 8:00-3:00 Mon-Fri by calling 02 4256 8801. All waste needs to be double bagged or wrapped or sealed in a HaziBag.

All Rates are GST Incl
Disposal $1.95 per kilo min charge $50 by apt.
Pick Up (Local Illawarra Area) to be assessed upon per load basis

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