Contaminated Soil Removal & Disposal in Wollongong

Soil that has been impacted with contaminants and is deemed to be contaminated by a hygienist has to be removed by the appropriate License holder. P & D Envirotech has the experience and knowledge to remove all types of contaminated soils. We document using a 3 Truck Tracking Docket System that will ensure all contaminated soils are traceable and disposed of in the correct manner. As per the Codes of Practice, all contaminated soil is transported by an EPA-licensed transporter and disposed of at a licensed landfill with full disposal documentation.

Property we have performed asbestos testing on in Wollongong

Soil Testing Services

Soil that has been impacted requires testing and validation before any recommended removal can occur. Any soil that has been impacted with asbestos and is deemed to be friable by the hygienist has to be removed by an ASA License holder.

Soil validation determines the contaminants’ structure and helps to determine subsequent recommendations on addressing any issues identified.

Once testing has occurred, the authority that has completed the testing can usually recommend the correct remediation, and thus, we can apply this recommendation with our professional services working with the authority.

Clean-up & Turn-Key Services

Not only does P & D Envirotech carry out full contaminated soil removal, but we also provide services with site clean-ups once the contaminants have been removed whilst also providing the option of bringing in clean fill (VENM) and restoring a site to its previous glory, contaminant free.

Removal of Asbestos from the soil with Excavator


Since its inception P&D Envirotech has provided leading soil contaminant removal solutions

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