Asbestos Removal Services in Port Kembla and Campbelltown

P & D Envirotech Pty Ltd was established in February 2002. Since our inception we have grown consistently with our business plan.

We specialise in areas such as Friable/Bonded Asbestos Removal, Demolition, Confined Space, Lead Paint Removal, Soil Remediation and Environmental Site Clean Ups.

We service Wollongong, Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra regions whilst offering our services to a wide range of clientele on a state wide basis.

We hold Friable Asbestos Removal and Restricted Demolition Licenses for NSW and ACT.

We are also signed up to the new EPA asbestos waste tracking system called WasteLocate

Our Services

At P&D Envirotech we specialise in the following products and services to our clients:

Asbestos Removal

Lead Abatement/Removal

Contaminated Soils Removal


Hazardous Materials Removal

Our specialisations are not the only services we provide, we are a business of diversity and have the expertise to tackle most hazardous materials challenges

Compliance and P&D Envirotech Pty Ltd

“Experienced, fully insured, licensed and legislative compliant”

We hold the following licenses and insurances:

  • Friable Asbestos Removal Licence
  • ASA (WorkCover NSW)
  • Restricted Demolition Licence
  • DE2 (WorkCover NSW)
  • ACT Construction Occupation Licence
  • Asbestos Removal (ACT Planning Land Authority)
  • ACT Construction Occupation Licence
  • Demolition (ACT Planning Land Authority)
  • Workers Compensation
  • Contractor’s Asbestos Pollution Liability
  • Public Liability